Tim Garling | 3D Artist | Leipzig, Germany

Some slices that dripped out of my brain.

Pothead Still (October 2022)

Headphone Commercial Study (March 2023)

Visuals for the Yerevan Fashion Show (June 2023)

The visuals presented in the background are my creation.

Woolly Mammoth (August 2023)

Architecture Still and Particle Simulation Exploration (September 2023)

This is a cassette tape, kids! (October 2023)

More slices of mine.

I am so glad I built this, it will give me tons of cool visuals in the future with just a few changes. 

The innocent looking ferris wheel was a complex one. 

You can find more of my CGI-Snacks here. There is always something in the works. I am full-on addicted to Blender.